February 4, 2017

My Life in Pictures | 2016

I'm pretty big on nostalgia and romancing the past, which is probably why I keep about 2500 pictures on my phone at all times. I like looking back and remembering good times or seeing how cute I looked in that one selfie (HA!). It helps make me appreciative of what I have and actually makes me want to be better (hey, bikini shot from two years ago, I'm coming for you). These are some of my favorite pictures from the last year!

Homemade braised shortrib tacos; food
Homemade braised shortrib tacos!
Valentine's Day pancake breakfast in bed; hearts; love
Valentine's Day breakfast in bed.
Dog, clothes, cute, puppy
My sisters dog, Romeo, in a custom-made shirt for the opening of my dads new store.
Puppy, dog, pink, cute, wildfox
Snuggling with my little one in matching pink sweaters.
Puppy, dog, cute, white
Peanut being the perpetual cutie.
Caviar, food, wine, luxury, miami, jean georges, restaurant
Casual caviar spread at Jean Georges in Miami.
St Regis, Miami, patio, black and white, decor
Monochromatic musing - love this patio decor.
puppy, dog, family, cute, florida
My mama and my nugget out for a boat ride in Naples.
Brunette, boobs, dress, flowers, floral, pretty, model, aritiza
One of my all time favorite dresses.
Architecture, toronto, gate, entryway
Such a pretty entryway.
Gallery, art, painting, toronto
I pass by this gallery all the time, kind of in love with this piece.
Gnocchi, risotto, truffle, food, luxury
Homemade gnocchi, risotto, and freshly shaved black truffles.
Halloween, costume, girls, fun, brunette, onesie
Halloween animals!
egg yolk ravioli, panchetta, sage, food, homemade, pasta
Homemade egg yolk ravioli with panchetta and crispy sage leaf.
puppy, dog, family, cute, love
My papa looking jolly at Christmas. This warms my heart so much.

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