June 2, 2016

Snapshot | Anniversary Weekend at Langdon Hall

Langdon Hall, Cambridge, Toronto, Ontario, Review
Two weeks ago Boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary at the gorgeous Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ontario. The weekend was a surprise, but I figured it out about a month in advance - sorry babe. I absolutely fell in love with this place, it truly felt like we were "away" somewhere.
There can be no celebration without Champagne...

Langdon Hall, Cambridge, Toronto, Ontario, Review, Garden
Is this not straight out of The Secret Garden
So even though Boyfriend had planned our weekend, I wanted to make sure I did something sweet for him while we were there. I emailed the hotel and while we were at dinner I had them fill our room with candles and rose petals (cliché with the petals - I know). It was so nice coming back after an amazing dinner to a candle-lit room. Guys need romance, too! 

(Hilarious side story: at the end of the night Boyfriend blew out the candles - after they'd been burning for hours - and hot wax went EVERYWHERE. We may have had to flip a chair cushion over... Oops...)
Carrot Rhubarb Amuse-Bouche
The first night (our actual anniversary), we had the tasting menu. Our favourites were definitely the marinated prawns and veal sweetbreads. I could have eaten about three courses of just the prawns...
Langdon Hall, Marinated Prawns, Tasting Menu, Review, Cambridge, Toronto
Marinated Prawns with Puffed Kaniwa, Geranium, Soft Herbs
Langdon Hall, Veal Sweetbreads, Tasting Menu, Review, Cambridge, Toronto
Veal Sweetbreads with Forest Mushrooms, Cognac, Crispy Sourdough
Langdon Hall Garden, Review, Cambridge, Toronto
We had a lengthy, boozy brunch (what other way is there?) outside the next day and watched them set up for a wedding (note the rows of white chairs in the background). Unfortunately I didn't get to see the wedding because after a boozy brunch we went to a wine tasting...and then proceeded to take a two hour nap before dinner. So necessary. It's a rough life, you know?
Langdon Hall, Salmon Rillettes, Review, Cambridge, Toronto
Spring Salmon Rillettes with Coal Roasted Potato, Pickled Shallot, Crème Fraîche, Toasted Rye
Langdon Hall, Foie Gras Parfait, Dinner Menu, Review, Cambridge, Toronto
Foie Gras Parfait with Black Walnut Granola, Preserved Plum, Muscat
Langdon Hall, Lamb, Dinner Menu, Review, Cambridge, Toronto
Lamb with Wheat Berry Porridge, Wood Roasted Carrots, Medjool Date
Langdon Hall, Honey Peanut Butter Sable, Dessert, Review, Cambridge, Toronto
Peanut Butter Sable, Langdon Hall Honey Mousse, Chocolate Fudge
Langdon Hall, Orchid, Review, Cambridge, Toronto
I was in love with our bathroom there - greys and whites and a huge bathtub - so pretty! Obsessed with this orchid and pot.
Langdon Hall, Cheese Cart, Dessert, Review, Cambridge, Toronto
The Cheese Cart of Your Dreams
When we first started dating Boyfriend and I would eat SO. MUCH. CHEESE. There are few things better. Naturally, we ended our last night with a visit from the cheese cart where we selected four different cheeses to go with our honey, nuts, and fruit compote. 
Langdon Hall, Cheese Cart, Cheese Plate, Dessert, Review, Cambridge, Toronto

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