May 26, 2016

30 Day Challenge: Eat Clean & Exercise

So here's the thing, I do eat very clean for the most part. But lately there have been a plethora of cheats and treats (and wine), and I've just been feeling the need to kick my ass back into gear in a major way.

Cue: the 30 Day Challenge
Now I know there are a ton of these out there, especially popular right now is the "Whole30." Let me be clear: this is not that. I'm not giving up my pre-workout (shoutout to Cellucor!) and I occasionally flavor my water with artificial sweetener (and probably chemicals - though I am gradually phasing this out). ANYWAY, here's what I'm vowing to do for 30 straight days:
                                                                                * Eat clean and within my calories
                                                                                * No alcohol (I'm sorry wine)
                                                                                * Workout every day
                                                                                * Drink at least 5L of water per day

Pretty basic when you look at it - simply no treats! But it's been so easy to have a cookie here or there, or accidentally drink a bottle of wine at dinner... So it's time to get a jump start on Summer! My main reason for posting this at all is to hold myself accountable AND so you can join me!

Follow me along on Snapchat: jessicacngrant and check out all my meals on MyFitnessPal: jessicaclaranoelle.

Let's do this!

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