April 30, 2016

Snapshot | Weekend in Miami

Bienvenido a Miami!

Just looking at these pictures makes me wistful. Yeah, wistful.

Seriously, though. It's freezing here right now and I'm drooling over the warmth that was Miami last weekend. There wasn't any real purpose for our trip other than to enjoy the weather and a little uninterrupted time together - but really is there any better reason?
St Regis Bal Harbour Miami - bar patio, black and white stripe
We stayed at the St. Regis in Bal Harbour, which is drop-dead gorgeous, but very "Miami." Read: a touch over the top. However, there were a number of things they did very well and I definitely took decor notes.

Both my boyfriend and I hate the term "foodie" - but there are few things we enjoy more than well prepared food and our trips do tend to revolve around fine dining. Though we didn't add any Michelin stars to our inventory, this trip was certainly no exception. We ate. And ate. And ate...
Rose wine on the Miami beach, water, sun, sky
Rosé all day.

Growing up, every trip with my family was a chance to stock our hotel room with an insane amount of unhealthy snacks that we usually couldn't get at home and in addition to going out for meals we'd be snacking all day. Not with Boyfriend. There are meals, there are no snacks. The exception being the occasional late night cookies/ice cream/caramel corn - we're seriously the fattest skinny people you know. (HOWEVER, I did manage to sneak a bag of Pepperidge Farm soft s'mores cookies into the room. My inner crappy-junk-food-fat kid was happy.)
St Regis Bal Harbour Miami cookies and ice cream room service
I digress... our first night we had sushi at Makato and sat outside. I didn't get any good photos because it was dark, but I loved their tiny patio. Sushi is my jammm, and while the sushi at Makato was definitely good, it wasn't divine.
Jean George JG Grill Miami - 32oz. Wagyu tomahawk for two
32oz. Wagyu tomahawk for two.
Jean George JG Grill Miami - 32oz. Wagyu tomahawk for two, black truffle fritters. St. Regis Bal Harbour
Our second (and third) nights were at Jean George Grill in the St. Regis. The first night we had the ridiculous 32oz. Wagyu tomahawk ribeye for two (the order - as he calls it) with oyster mushrooms and black truffle cheese fritters. Clearly the Wagyu is the star here (and was insanely delicious), but can we talk about the truffle cheese fritters? I die. Dead. Soo good, like little warm balls of heaven.
Vitamin A Swim Neutra Barlette - Azure Blue Bikini
Aside from eating, picking out clothes for Boyfriend at the shops of Bal Harbour (love), and wine shopping (double love), we spent our days lounging by the pool. I hadn't brought a book since I was working while we were there, so when the wifi was spotty and he was reading, naturally I took selfies. Obsessed with this Vitamin A bikini.
Royal Osetra Caviar - Jean George JG Grill Miami St. Regis Bal Harbour
Royal Osetra Caviar - Jean George JG Grill Miami St. Regis Bal Harbour
Our last night we dined at Jean George again, but switched up our order. After cocktails we had caviar (crème fraîche, shallots & chive is the way to go) and black truffle pizza. We had intended to have a fat-kid ice cream sundae in our room afterward but they were super busy that weekend and we went into a food coma and fell asleep before it could arrive...Black Truffle Pizza - Jean George JG Grill Miami St. Regis Bal Harbour
I wish we had had an extra two days there just to relax on the beach and soak up the sun, but alas, a return to reality was required. Fortunately, our anniversary is this month, which means another mini reprieve :)
St Regis Bal Harbour Miami, beach, sand, water, sky

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