March 21, 2016

Wearing Reading Eating | 03/16

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RW&Co. Modern Stretch Legging
So this is kind of a weird one...but hear me out! I've had a pair of these for a little over a year and they've become such a staple as of late. Although they're a "legging," they look like a (perfectly tailored) dress pant and are super comfortable. Would I wear these to a formal function? No. But for the average day at the office with a silk blouse tucked into them, they're great (and cheap)!

It feels bizarre and unnatural to say, but over the past six months or so I've found myself really pulling away from nail polish. I even *GASP* gave away the vast majority of my polish collection to friends, only keeping about 50 bottles. I've fallen into a kind of uniform with my nails, constantly replacing my mani with the exact same two shades - both Dior. For my nails it's always Dior Nail Glow, which is just the perfect effortlessly polished look (read my entire post about it here). On my toes it's Dior Diorette, which is a deep, classic plum shade. As much as I loved being creative with my nails, I've grown out of the nail art phase, and it's nice to have signature shades I don't have to think about.

Kitchen Confidential - Anthony Bourdain
I watch (and love) every show Bourdain does, so reading his first book felt like a natural choice. To be completely honest, it wasn't love for me. Maybe because I've watched all his shows and heard all his stories the book wasn't that exciting. If you're unfamiliar with him, however, I'd recommend picking it up as it's a quick, easy read.

Native Son - Richard Wright
Set in Chicago in the 1930's, Native Son is a classic that chronicles the life of a young black man after he accidentally kills a young white woman in a moment of panic, and reflects upon what it means to be black in America. Highly recommend.

In Reproach of Hunger - David Rieff
I'm a complete and total sucker for new books about food. About food and society. About food and the food industry. I'm basically into it all. I'm just starting this one, but it covers the current food scarcity crisis.

Pomegranate Arils
I've become obsessed! In salads, yogurt, and oatmeal - they're so good! Pomegranates are packed with antioxidants and are a great source of fibre, vitamins B, C, & K, and potassium. They really do brighten up anything you add them to.

House of Cards
Soooooooooooo good. Sooooooooo obsessed. If you've finished the latest season: how good was it?! The ending... cannot handle that I have to wait a year now for the next season. And if you haven't seen the new season, or started the series...get on it immediately.

American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson
I was really excited when I first heard about this, but it hasn't really blown me away yet. It's interesting in the sense that I wasn't old enough when the actual case was happening to understand (or care - I was four), so I enjoy learning the whole story. But it's not something that I've been counting down the days to the next episode.

This is a Netflix original and I'm kind of undecided about it. I love (pun intended) Judd Apatow and while the show does have a lot of good moments, it did feel a touch too depressing. I'm sure there will be a season two and I'm sure I'll watch it and hope for the best!

I also really like having the TV on in the background while I'm doing things around the condo, so lately I've been rewatching Suits, The Office, and The O.C.

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