January 28, 2015

Valentine's Day Lust List

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I know Valentine's is still two weeks away but I seriously love Valentine's Day! Ok, I pretty much love every holiday. I'm a sucker for a theme, food, and gifts! But Valentine's will always have my heart because it's all about the hearts! And pink and candy and love and all things romantic and girly. These are the things topping my list of what I'd like to receive this year and also serves as a nice gift guide, whether you'll be getting a little something from your boyfriend, husband, family, or even just yourself! 

Whether you're taking this to work or the gym, you cannot go wrong with this hot pink color. Personally I'm tired of my boring blue Nalgene bottle and can't wait to tote this pretty baby to the gym.

Black (or red) lingerie is pretty much a Valentine's night staple. L'agent is a much more reasonable price point than their original line, and still drop dead gorgeous.

Dainty necklaces are so sweet and this one with the tiny rose gold heart and diamond bezel is stunning. What girl doesn't love diamonds? She also has necklaces with the diamond that have your name initial instead of the heart if that's more your style.

How cute are these for Valentine's Day?! Perfect for stashing your keys, money, and lipgloss for a night out!

Available in light pink, black, red, and a holographic pink/white, these are the sweetest little crossbody's and perfect for a night out in February. 

Diptyque candles are some of my favorite, both for their scent and packaging. The new, limited edition Rosafolia comes in the most gorgeous floral designed container. Roses and greenery to scent your post-dinner Netflix binge on the couch. This is definitely one jar you have to save when you've finished burning the candle.

I'm so obsessed with these. So soft and cozy for lounging around the house or with tights and boots running errands. Wildfox has a few other Valentine's inspired jumpers right now, but I love the candy hearts on the sleeves of this one.

Lastly what Valentine's Day would be complete without some form of candy, chocolate, or dessert. I know macarons are getting a little passé, but they're still delicious - especially in festive flavors like strawberry or champagne!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day whether it's spent bundled up on the couch with friends or out for a special night!


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