March 2, 2014

A Manicure in a Bottle: Dior Nail Glow

Dior Nail Glow

Dior Nail Glow
 Dior Nail Glow is a nail "enhancer," designed to make the pinks of your nails pinker, and the whites whiter. It is meant to be worn as a polish on its' own, without top or base coat, kind of like a MNBB (my nails but better) lacquer. I was definitely a little skeptical at first, it really is one of those products that you just need to try out for yourself. 
Bare nails
Dior Nail Glow Swatch in Indoor Light
With Dior Nail Glow 
Dior Nail Glow Swatch in Sunlight
With Dior Nail Glow
Dior Nail Glow Swatch in Sunlight
With Dior Nail Glow
With normal top coat (CND Super Shiney)
Dior Nail Glow vs Regular Top Coat Comparison Swatch
Left with Dior Nail Glow, CND Super Shiney right.
After wearing it for a couple days I really like it! It kind of gives you that fake gel french manicure look... but in a really good way, healthy and pink. Nail Glow is kind of like a manicure in a bottle, clean and polished with just a few swipes of a brush. If you're looking for something that is understated and polished then this is for you. It's a great addition to give you that au natural look. 

 Dior Nail Glow is available for $25 CDN at Sephora.



  1. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen your before and after photos - but it actually looks amazing!

    1. I agree! I didn't think it would live up to the hype but I'm glad I tried it out, it's really nice!


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